(70 minute Keynote)

Greg taught us to have vision, to conquer fear and to be positive!  
 Royal Bank Sales

Dr. Greg Gerrie spent three years writing the book Fired Up for Life! 

He researched the best information on success, combined it with his own life experiences, and now the book has been sold all over the world. Greg has taught thousands internationally the message of hope and motivation in both their personal and professional lives.

  • How to increase your self-confidence and empower yourself and others​
  • To overcome worry, fear and anxiety.
  • How to “lift yourself up” by using power language.
  • How to resolve conflict by having superior human relation skills.
  • To get more enjoyment out of life by learning to rest, relax and recreate.
  • How to create a winning environment.
  • Why the top 2% set goals and why you will too.
  • How to plan for success now and for the rest of your life.
  • Find a new hope foe living and realize that you’re not stuck in your past.
  • The power of turning failure into success.
  • To dream the possible dream.
  • How to think and speak with power, passion and purpose.
  • To leave behind pain and regret and replace it with peace.
  • To live well and finish beautifully.

It brought hope to the confusion and made me feel more secure in taking control. Mary Breslin-Controller-Pacific Associate Stores

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How To Proceed, Succeed

Thrive Through Change

Greg leaves you saying, “Yes I can do this.”  

Kellee- Manager – Canadian Tire Store

How difficult it is to change our ways both personally and professionally! We spend weeks, months and years developing and honing a skill, system, or procedure and then it has to be changed. We don’t want to change. . . BUT WE MUST!!!

The following principles and strategies will be discusses and implemented.

  • The story of Columbus, Galileo, Swiss watch and computers.
  • People don’t fear change as much as they do being changed.
  • How Edison, Lincoln, Churchill, Mitchell, and the “average Joe” succeeded
  • To overcome F.E.A.R..
  • By inventing the future, you can overcome the past
  • Recognise your value and strengths.
  • Delegate power and responsibility to every person as a foundation for change.
  • Fulfil the “longing for belonging” in yourself and others.
  • How to create a climate for change.
  • Hold yourself accountable for outcomes.
  • Add value to your organisation . . . and your life.
  • Be intolerant of weak commitment.
  • Work together to support the team and cause a win-win-win.
  • Practice Kaizen or C.A.N.E.I.
  • It’s your choice. Resist and desist or flow and grow!

    The seminar seemed to lift the shroud of doubt and unknown that we are surrounded by. It has given me a sense of control for my future.  Jeff Stralak-Warehouse Manager