Dr. Greg's Story & Why 

As a young person I was full of talent and unlimited potential. Valedictorian in grade 8, President of the Student’s Council, Captain of high caliber hockey teams and a wonderful son. However something was not right in my values.

I went from a small community school to a big city high school and became lost in the alluring opportunities of sports, girls and parties.  I was hungry to be noticed. I would do anything to be seen, to be recognized …but that did not bring the right kind of success. I learned how to powerfully communicate in order to avoid responsibility and also how to make excuses.

I went from being an honor student to a failing student. I was stripped of my captainship in a AAA Midget Hockey Team. This value system transcended into failing out of university and becoming a bouncer in a bar. Then after making it into the privileged officer training program and flying 130 hours in the snowbird military jet I “crashed & burned” which is a dramatic way of saying I did not make it through the program. I failed out!!!

Multiple attempts were made to succeed at multiple jobs and businesses but they often resulted in failure. This brought shame, poverty, struggle and misery. In the midst of all this my great successes were around teaching and speaking.

When I finally learned to operate solely in my gift-set, in my great strengths, I was released into a new freedom. I did not have to chase money for it was chasing me. A new joy emerged to the point where I was unable to wipe the smile off my face. I became naturally enthusiastic and my influence grew.

That new revelation led me to work with individuals, families and business units to bring vision, purpose, hope, prosperity and joy. When one’s True Destiny is released, miracles happen. I/we help unearth that true destiny in people. Each person is like a geode, black on the outside but when you “crack” it open the crystals are magnificent and in the same when you crack open who people really are, who they are meant to be, their beauty and magnificence is revealed. Their own understanding of who they are changes not only them but the atmosphere around them.


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Dr. Greg Gerrie - Bio

EDUCATION: Dr. Greg Gerrie has degrees in Economics and Education from Queen’s University and is trained in leadership from the Canadian Armed Forces Officer Training Program. He then flew 100 hours on the CT114 Snowbird Aircraft. Greg has a PHd in Leadership from Phoenix University of Theology. He is also and ordained pastor.

AUTHOR: Dr.  Greg researched the very best psychology and motivation to write the book Fired Up For Life-How To Get & Stay Motivated. The book is endorsed by some of the best speakers and teachers in North America.

CORPORATE TRAINING: As a Training and Development specialist, Greg has a dynamic background. He worked for the University of Toronto Career Center, was head of Business Education and Career and Personal Planning at two private schools, worked for the Open Learning Agency as a Training Needs Analysis consultant and has taught programs in Management, Leadership and Motivation in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, USA and India.

FAMILY EDUCATION: Greg also has a strong interest in helping families succeed and created the Teen Power Program, Kids Camp on Grouse and the Raising Self-Confident Kids program. He also has a program for Teachers titled Teacher Vitality. Greg has also worked extensively with the Canadian Esteem Team Athletes program and BC Council for the Family.
LEADERSHIP: Greg is the past President of the National Society for Performance and Instruction-BC, past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers-BC, and Chair of the 2002 Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Conference in Vancouver, Canada. 

SPEAKING: Dr. Greg has delivered over 1000 Keynote speeches and seminars in his speaking career and is still active in the world of speaking and training. Greg is often called to MC for such organizations as World Vision Canada and to speak at churches.

TEACHING: Greg is a certified teacher and has taught grades 6 to 12 in Business Education, Career & Personal Planning, Computers and Entrepreneurial Studies. He was also a tennis teaching professional in Toronto and Vancouver.

KidTalks: As Greg continues to deliver motivational keynotes and seminars to schools and corporations, Greg is also teaching younger people and businessmen to bring out the message inside them with passion and professionalism. His goal is to help speakers powerfully move audiences to take action.