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Grade ​​7-9   

​​​​​​Mini Division (K - Grade 2)  Leadership Development    

​Dr. Greg Gerrie-Founder

Master Teacher

Greg Gerrie 

​​​Junior Division   Grade 2-7    

Yoyo Bu

Grade ​​5-6   

Eric Wu

Angela Jin

Catherine Yen 

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Claire Ning 

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​​​​​​​​​ELL Division Leadership Development       



Senior Division  Grade 8 - 12    


​Dr. Greg Gerrie-Founder

Master Teacher

Founder & President Kidtalks Canada

Jason Yu

Isabelle Song

Aaron Xu

Cecila Yu



Charlie Jiang

Grade ​​3-4   

​Christin Wang ​

kidtalks sarah gerrie

Grade ​​3-4   

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KidTalks Inspiration

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Professional SpeakerPresident Kidtalks Canada

Grade ​​5-6   

Dr. G. holds degrees in Economics and Education from Queen’s University and has a Doctor of Ministry Leadership from Primus University of Theology in Phoenix Arizona. He is the author of Fired Up For Life-How to Get & Stay Motivated, past President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers-BC. Dr G. has traveled the world speaking on Motivation & Leadership. He has also taught in both the public and private school systems. Dr. G is the Associate Pastor at Graceville Church in Richmond BC Canada.

Audrey Geng

Lisa Li

Kai Lu

Lydia Shi

Sarah Gerrie is the inspiration for KidTalks and is also a co-founder.
She holds an honorary doctorate from Primus University of Theology.

Sarah has won numerous gold medals in speaking and acting in both English and Mandarin.

Sarah is currently in grade 5 and attends a Christian school in Canada.

Ekat Gofsky

True Destiny 

We release  people into their

 True Destiny

to create a better future.

Sarah Gerrie

Gold Medalist




Aiden Han

This is a leadership development program.

Fiona Chen

Sarah Lu 

Lucas Shang

Samantha Liu

Grade ​​7-9   

Sarah Gerrie

Mike Gu

Marcus Wang